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HPR - HPR1239: HPR Saturday Sessions: What is hacking?

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Nido is joined by dude-man, Epicanis, and artv61 to discuss how one could or should define "Hacker" and "Hacking", particularly in reference to the "Hackers" that Hacker Public Radio episodes are intended to be"of interest to". Unfortunately, all participants seemed to be largely inagreement with each other, so there isn't enough contention to make the discussion dramatic. Listeners may find the discussion insightful anyway,and we do come up with some suggestions and ultimately encourage everyone tobe a lot more public about using the words "hacker" and "hacking" asmuch as possible outside the context of criminal and computer-programmingactivity until outdated dictionaries finally update their definitions.Although Nido deserves the credit for Saturday Sessions, recording, cleanup, and editing of today's session was done by Epicanis, so if the sound sucksit's all his fault and not Nido's. Same goes for these show notes.The XKCD comic that was mentioned may be found here:

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