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HPR - HPR1233: Playing Ingress

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This is the first of two or maybe three parts on the subject on Ingress, which was released into invitation-only beta-testing by Google in November of 2012.Ingress is a world-spanning location-based game set in a world somewhere between the real one and a fictional one that is almost exactly like the real one except with space-alien mind control conspiracies.This episode is purely about "playing the game". The follow-up episode will be more about the underlying technology and things you (and Google) might be able to do with it besides the core gameplay.There may be a third part if there is enough interest.A final note - the app version that I mention in the show was upgradedliterally about 5 minutes after I finished editing and started to prepare thisshow for upload. (And, yes, I'm using "literally" correctly - I mean I finishedexporting the file from audacity, went to check Google+, and within 300 secondssomeone was mentioning that a new version was out). It does seem to resolvesome of the problems I mentioned, just as I speculated that it might. I'll follow up on this and any subsequent updates in the followup episode.Comments and suggestions and demands for more episodes are welcome, nay, encouraged either on this episode's comments at hackerpublicradio.orgor on my own blog at . Thanks for listening!

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