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Comcast replacing Safari C3s?

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So here's a question for anybody on the west coast who happens to have phone service from Comcast - 


Have the announcements on your switch changed? The local Comcast switches here have started acting a little strangely, I'm thinking they might've started replacing them with whatever they have on the east coast. 


For perspective, the Safari C3s all have stock recordings with a breathy voice;


Here's what the ones on the east coast - and presumably now some of the west coast sound like; 503-908-0976


As to why they'd do this, I have no idea to be honest. These switches aren't even ten years old. Genband recently bought the switch, though, so it could be they're making Comcast jump through hoops to get switch support. This is a bigger problem then you might think; after Coppercom died, some companies ditched their switches pretty quickly.


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