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Hello, I recently Wrote a Win Program for Looking up Credit card BIN Information.

The program has many Features and is FREE.

Over 130k Bank to Bin and

230k Bin to IP entries.


This program has No ADS or Spyare and is in my opinion the best of it;s kind.



ADMIN Please do not Mark this as SPAM as it can be a benificial Program for many.

I was Unaware of this LINKZ forum and Posted this 1 other place.  Apologies,




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Do you include a copy of the source code, or do we get a free rootkit with every download? :ninja:

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Yes the software is free but I am Not Making It open Source. Maybe Later I will Change to open Source.
As for a "Root kit" absolutely NOT.

The only code that makes any external contact is the Update button.
Which Sends normal browser info and Banklab's Version Number to
I don't retain Logs nor do I monitor who downloads or visits.
I am against B. S. Garbage-Ware and spent some time on this program.
Hopefully I have created a Quality and above all Useful Program.

Incase any questions arise about the Size of Banklab as it is 40mb+- Total .rar.
The larger size is due to the Fact I Compiled A Chromium Web Browser into the EXE.
This was needed to keep the display of the program correct and as close to the same on most
computers.  If I left the browser out Internet explorer would have been used by Default as a
browser if the user had it installed on their computer.

Basically I used 70% PHP,  20% HTML, 10% CSS, JS,  Etc.
I compiled the EXE using "exeOutPut for PHP".

Bottom Line is know this program will be useful to more then a few people.

If you are worried about Root kits. Don't use Windows OS.

Please do Let me know about any problem with my code....



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Rootkits can be developed in any operating system, not just Windows.


From their website: 

ExeOutput for PHP lets you create applications in native format for Windows with PHP, JavaScript and HTML


You are making Windows executables... Then telling people not to use Windows if they don't want a rootkit. Beware!

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Ok, I really don't think Posting a Win App Link is call for accusing me of Creating a Virus.

Take it for what I have done not for what you ignorantly assume.

Run it sand boxed using sandboxie.  

I'm pretty sure most visitors can think for them selves.
And don't need to nor listen to others opinions about a program they never tried.

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So here are some things that you need to consider before you get offended.


- You are a newcomer to these forums, and you do not associate yourself with any identity that the "regulars" here may be predisposed to trust.


- Your first post encourages people to download a rather large executable file, for free, that they are not able to review the source code of.


- The overall theme of these forums may tend to attract people who have less-than-savory intentions. Indeed, StankDawg purposefully encourages a neutral stance on information to allow for open discussion. Such an environment will, by its very nature, attract people who are looking to do naughty stuff.


My original comment about the rootkit came loaded with the snark and cynicism that is more or less a given amongst IT professionals, hobbyists, hackers, and even "crackers" in this day and age. It was less of a direct accusation, and more of a general commentary on the trustworthiness of relatively random, anonymous downloads.


I have no reason to believe that you would include a rootkit or any type of malware in your program -- but -- I also have no reason to believe that you would not. I did not download or evaluate your application in any way; I was merely making a statement that, in general, anyone who would simply download and run an un-trusted, pre-compiled program because someone on a hacker forum told them it was safe would very likely get what was coming to them.


Most visitors here can and do think for themselves... in fact, that is one of the reasons why I enjoy the forums here. I don't believe anyone who frequents these forums would extend any more trust to you than I did.


For what it may be worth, this is not meant to be a personal attack. The chances are very good that your program is as you describe, and that you have put several hours of honest work into it with the hopes of someone finding it useful. But you must understand that you have not come to a place (as it were) where people are going to be in the habit of trusting strangers bearing candy. It's just the nature of the game that we play.


I do wish you success with your program, in whatever way you hope it comes.

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Hey, I appreciate the Link on this board.   Thank you all.

And apologize for the negative retaliate comment to you.


Thank you

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We warn everyone about any files that people post here that are not authorized by us personally.  We don't know you or trust you, nor should our users.


That being said, I do not necessarily distrust you either.  There is nothing wrong with reminding users that we do not know who you are or what this is.  If they want to try it, then they will.  But we at BinRev are not responsible for the contents of any attachments from any users that are not from staff. 


If this program sounds interesting to you and you accept the possibility of risk, then knock yourself out!

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