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HPR - HPR1180: TGTM Newscast for 2/6/2013

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Here is a news review:

FBI Came to Investigate Wikileaks in Iceland

Anonymous Hacks DOJ Site in Retaliation for Aaron Swartz Case

Unexplained Blackout of Discussion of CIA Interrogation Centers at 9/11 Pre-Trial Hearing

Stealing workersâ pay is illegal, shouldnât be a partisan issue

Report: Brennan Was Regularly Briefed on Torture Under Bush

Pirate Bay Founder Could Be Prosecuted For Hacking âWithin a Monthâ

Is It Illegal To Unlock a Phone? The Situation is Better - and Worse - Than You Think

Anti-Piracy Group Already Demanding That Kim Dotcom's New Mega Service Be Shut Down

TechCrunch Admits That Using Facebook Comments Drove Away Most Of Their Commenters

The 16th Century Religious Wars And Todayâs Copyright Monopoly Wars Have More In Common Than You Think

Other Headlines:

With New Constitution, Post-Collapse Iceland Inches Toward Direct Democracy


Justice Department does not need to explain why it wanted Twitter

information of certain WikiLeaks supporters without a warrant, the 4th

Circuit ruled.

Government requests for Twitter user data rise 20% in 2012

IMAGiNE BitTorrent Group Sysop Speaks Out as He Heads to Prison

Mega Launches: Brilliantly Secure, But Not Anonymous

Staffed and produced by the TGTM news team, Editorial Selection by DeepGeek, views of the story

authors reflect their own opinions and not neccesarily those of TGTM


News from "," "," ","


"" used

under arranged



from "" and "" used


permission of the Creative Commons

by-attribution license.

News from "" used under permission of the Creative Commons

by-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license.

News Sources retain their respective copyrights.

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