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HPR - HPR1178: Interviews with Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo

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Creighton and Rigo about PyPy

"We're really really really really fast." - Laura Creighton (2011)

Today you will hear two interviews, with Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo. You'll get a really unique perspektive of Richard Stallman, as well as of the PyPy project. Below you will find links to most of the projects mentioned in the interviews, but first and foremost I would like to recomend you to have a look at Lauras' keynote interview "Dialogue with Richard Stallman" and Armins' talk "PyPy".

Make sure you watch the videos from FSCONS2011 with Stallman, Creighton and Rigo!


HPR #1116 Interview with Richard Stallman


Laura Creighton

Armin Rigo


Wikipedia: SmallTalk and Prolog

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