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HPR - HPR1176: Intro to editing the Open Street Map

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I'm going to call this an experimental episode. It's a tutorial on eding the Open Street Map at . By all rights, this should have been done as a screen cast, but since I have no interest in doing a screen cast, we're going to try something different. For this episode to work, I'll need your cooperation, and for it to make any sence to you, you'll need to be signed into . So go ahead and create an account over there (or begin the password reset process) while you're downloading this audio file. You're going to need an account if you want to edit anyway, so I'm not asking for anything you wouldn't be doing anyway. You may find it helpful to have a second tab open to . It won't be much help while listening to the episode, but it is very helpful while editing in general.

Some people enjoy finding mistakes. For their enjoyment I have included a few.

Go to this episode


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