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Qwest using APs? (303-652 scan)

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I found something a little strange earlier today. There's a kind of AIS used pretty much exclusively by independent companies called the Applications Peripheral. ILECs love these things because they do basically everything besides your dishes, and possible for it's very...uhh, distinctive stock voice (631-788-1000 will get you an announcement from one if you've never heard it before).

So more to the point, why'd they stick one in? Your guess is as good as mine, maybe they're planning a rollout of APs, or the Cognotronics machine just blew into a million pieces. They could've bought a CS-1500 and stuck one in, it's really hard to tell the difference between the two (the CS-1500 is like a closet softswitch, it's basically a new hardware revision for the DMS-10 with different name).

Either way, all these recordings are really, really new, it's almost a little surreal hearing it from a DMS-10. Even if announcements don't interest you, this is kind of a unique scan to begin with. Enjoy!


0000 - Reorder via SS7

0001 - PIC restriction rec

0002 - Ringout

0003 - rec, "The number you are calling is not working at this time due to temporary routing problems. Please try your call again later." (ACB equivalent?)

0005 - 105-type test? Doesn't respond to digits

0008 - Busy signal via DMS-10

0009 - 102-type milliwatt

0010 - 102-type milliwatt

0012 - AP lady, coin deposit recording

0015 - CBCAD

0020 - Long burst of high tone. Expecting digits?

0021 - Ringout

0022 - Ringout

0027 - CBCAD w/access code dialed

0029 - rec, "Your call has been completed. However the party you are calling is not receiving calls at this time."

0030 - Reorder via SS7

0031 - AIS report, number in service

0035 - Dial tone (several seconds w/o listening for digits)

0039 - Several seconds of off-hook tone

0041 - Ringout

0042 - Double ring, hangs up after one cycle

0043 - Solid ringback tone, hangs up after ~8 seconds

0044 - Reorder via DMS-10

0048 - Reorder, hangs up after several seconds

0055 - Dial 1/0 first rec

0057 - 105-type test

0062 - *57 temporarily unavailable rec

0063 - AP lady, "We're sorry, you are not a subscriber to this service. If you wish to subscribe, please call the business office"

0064 - CBCAD

0066 - Dial 1/0 first rec

0067 - Dial 1 first rec

0068 - 100-type test

0069 - Dialing 0 not necessary rec

0070 - NIS recording

0072 - Reorder via DMS-10

0075 - Subscriber, ported to CLEC

0077 - CBCAD/check your instruction manual

0080 - Long, solid low tone

0081 - Permanent signal rec

0082 - YCDNGT

0083 - Same as 0001

0084 - Long silence, no supe

0087 - LD network difficulties rec

0088 - Dialing PIC not necessary rec

0089 - Blocked calls not accepted rec

0090 - ACB rec

0091 - *57 fail rec

0098 - Reorder via SS7

0099 - Busy via SS7


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That is /definitely/ a distinctive voice. Need to find a bit of time to check the rest of these out -- thanks for the post!


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Erm, maybe I should've been more specific. They put a really recent set of Pat Fleet announcements on there. If you're into stock AP recordings, there's a few in 503-845-999x.

If it's distinct you like, though, you might want to take a look at Metaswitch VP3500 prompts. 218-699-0001 is a good example of this. Particularly with their ANAC samples (one down), they have a lot of really glaring problems with both the voiceover talent and the way they engineered the recording session.


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