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HackSociety.Net|Graphics|Hosting|Hacking|Monetizing|Social Engineering

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Why Join Us?

  • Free VIP
  • Friendly users and staff members
  • A unique Forum Gold system, buy and sell things with it
  • Contests for all members and rewards!
  • HQ Members will be given out free VIP and Legendary
  • Meet other coders, graphic designers, social engineerers and hackers
  • Great awards
  • Unique groups that you can join
  • Friendly members that help you out
  • Private methods in the VIP section
  • Freebies to all
  • Active & Helpful community
  • Meet new people
  • Expand your market

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our Forum Gold system
  • A custom coded side bar with live stats such as PMs and new replies
  • Friendly staff
  • Helpful community
  • Unique methods & tutorials for our members
  • Groups are free to join

What Do I Get?

  • Free VIP on 50 posts
  • Ability to view private methods
  • Respect from our community
  • A special limited award if you help us grow

So what are you waiting for! Join a community were you as a normal member can receive respect, help and assistance. Need help figuring something out we are the society. Join now and get our limited VIP and awards to all who join. Receive great awards and everything that you need to begin your voyage. Looking for a FUD crypter or how to setup a RAT or maybe even programming help? Maybe you want to learn the current up-to-date methods on social engineering, or get a nice pair of headphones.

[align=center]Join Us Now![/align]


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Okay, I get that this is the LinkZ forum, so this topic might be appropriate. However, it looks like the referenced site is holding some sort of contest to see who can post the most of these messages on forums, and there is some sort of on-site credit or prize if you post a certain number of them. (The admins even suggest posting via anonymizing VPN in case of retaliation.)

So I suppose it follows the letter of the law, if not the spirit. :whistling:


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