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HPR - HPR1119: Spread the Word

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Inspirational stories told on the road

A few months ago I went on a longer trip, alone in my car. As many podcasters before me, I decided to record an episode. An episode I almost immediatly forgot about. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, when I once again found the recording. It sounded quite bad, but after som sound wizardry I think it can pass for an HPR show. The content is where it's at, after all.


Examples of other podcasters who do it in the car:

Dave Yates



... and many others.

Gymnasieskolan - Secondary school in Sweden on Wikipedia

Cory Doctorow on Wikipedia

Craphound - Books by Cory Doctorow

How to reach me

You should follow me and subscribe to All In IT Radio: @alltinomit

Twitter: @alltinomit'>

Go to this episode


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