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HPR - HPR1108: What's In my Bag?

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KitDescription My Backpack My Backpack - note the HPR Badge - this is the bag I take to work every day. My Acer Aspire netbookThis is a refurbed type unit I got from the Acer Direct. My Kindle 2This kindle was a birthday present from Rachel, last year. She knows me so well :)Its loaded with a load of ebooks from the great folks at O'reilly.The case for this was from Tesco My Car-pod ipodWhen I upgraded cars the biggest disappointment for me was that going from a Kia Cee'd , where I could plug in USB keys with pod-casts on - I now no longer had a USB port in my SEAT. Rachel bought this for me from CEX. I've replaced the firmware with rockbox. My newest iPodMy newest iPod - this used to belong to my Rachel, but the screen has started to go - She looked at getting it repaired - pricey as it is out of the warranty period - so she got herself a new one (cue a long process of me transferring her songs to the new iPod :() and I acquired her old one. I have replaced the Apple firmware with rockbox, and it works great under Linux. My 2GB USB KeyThis key contains nothing (at the moment) apart from a design for a leaving cake (Keep calm and Google it) and a file called ldlinux.sys, left over from the previous contents. Google cake My Conference FolioThis is a pleather folio I picked up ages ago from I know now where - probably before Opal Telecoms was bought by TalkTalk. Currently the old web address ( seems to redirect to which seems to redirect to TalkTalk, only it actually doesn't work. I keep an Oxford pad (i like the paper) in here.I keep an Oxford pad (i like the paper) in here. My Microsoft mouse was missing from my bag, as I had been using it with my Raspberry Pi - but it's like this. 

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