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HPR - HPR1105: TGTM Newscast for 10/24/2012

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Here is a news review:BillionaireKoch brother accused of imprisoning, interrogating former employeeIcelandConstitutional Referendum: Two Thirds Vote Yes93%of Presidential Ad Money Spent in Just 9 StatesNYFederal Appeals Court Strikes Down DOMAGreenParty Candidates Arrested for Trying to Enter Debate Stingrays:The Biggest Technological Threat to Cell Phone Privacy You Don't KnowAboutNewMegaUpload Will Deflect Copyright Liability and Become Raid-ProofEFFCondemns Arrest of Prominent Cuban BloggersDMCANotice Forces 1,450,000 Education Blogs OfflineSchoolSuspends Students For Finding 'Racy' Photo Teacher Accidentally Put OnTheir iPadsOther Headlines:Mexico’sLabor Law Reform Sparks Massive ProtestsTexasPromises To Shut Down Women's Health Program Altogether If Compelled ToInclude Planned ParenthoodPirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-ProofTCLP2012-10-16 Cory Doctorow: Pirate CinemaATale of Two Countries: New Zealand Apologizes for Illegal DomesticSpying, While US Still Refuses to Acknowledge NSA’s WarrantlessWiretappingNews from "," ","  ","and"" usedunder arrangedpermission.Newsfrom "," and "" usedunderpermission of the Creative Commonsby-attribution license.News from "" used under permission of the CreativeCommonsby-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license.News Sources retain their respective copyrights.Links

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