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Help recognizing sounds

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Hello everyone. It's my first time here. I posted this on the 'oldskool phreaking' forum but got no response, so I thought I'd try out with you guys.

First a bit of background. Me and a few other people are participating in what we think it's an ARG, or some kind of crypto challenge (we don't know for sure because the "game master" never talked to us directly). There has been many different "challenges" so far, delivered from a few different phone numbers and using codes like BPSK31 and ITA2. There were also physical "dead drops". The details can be read here:

The last "challenge" came from a Poland number (+48 22 307 1061). The recording is here:

The initial noise was decoded using a spectrogram and ITA2. The message was:


So, we have to enter BELL AGENT CODE, whatever that is.

Now, my first question is: does anyone recognize the three tones that start where I marked TONE STARTING?

Because, apparently, when we type something when the call gets to that part (~2:43), there's a silence and then a different tone:

If you, again, check where I marked, you'll see that the ending tone is different.

This brings us to my second question: does anyone recognize this new tone that happens when I type a code in that part?

Any help is really, really appreciated. Thank you very much for your attention.


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