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HPR - HPR1104: TuxJam: Episode 15

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A chance to showcase other Creative Commons works. We try to expose podcasts, speeches, presentations, music, etc that you may not have heard. If you have suggestions for items then send your recommendation to admin at hpr and we'll add it to the queue.Today we are going to take a jaunt over to see how it's done in the Highlands. The TuxJam audiocast is a family friendly Creative Commons music show with open source goodness. a sunny warm summer on Lewis, TuxJam makes a return that coincides with the rain and gales. To entertain the listeners on the cold autumn nights Kevie looks at Tiny Core Linux 4.6, WattOS R6, ZorinOS 6.1 “Lite”, SalineOS 2.0, Manjaro Linux 0.8 and PCLinuxOS 2012.08. Along with an in-depth look at Lubuntu, WriteType, Radio Tray and Android browser Orweb v2. Listen to Kevie on a recent episode of the Music Manumit podcast. Please email suggestions for music/software for Kevie to try out, tag the message #tuxjam (, Diaspora or Libertree) or make a note of it on TuxJam’s PiratePad page. Along with the following great creative commons tracks:1. Soundstatues – Give It Up2. Lar Clobsay – Promise3. Crimson Sun – Don’t Care4. Tommy Toussaint – I Don’t Wanna Cry 5. Reduced Romantics – Brainscience 6. Plastic3 – Commercial High Tech MusicThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Links

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