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Phone Phreak Audio

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I listened to a cool bit of audio this evening about phone phreaks, which included a short interview with Mark Bernay. It's only 10 minutes long and you can listen to it here:

3620: F is Not For Phreak

If you enjoy that, you'll probably like the Joybubbles episode of Radiolab even better. It came out earlier this year and the last 1/3rd of this episode is all about the life of Joybubbles, presented in the coolest way I've ever heard. Here's the link for it:

Radiolab: Escape!

Mark Bernay's site has a bunch of audio of him and Evan Doorbell on it, if you happen to have an audio player that can listen to RealMedia. His website is not only a homeage to phone trips, but it's a homeage to what the internet looked like in the 1990's. There's a torrent of Evan Doorbell's shows out there someplace, which I recommend listening to. It's some of the coolest phone audio you'll ever hear.

I love listening to phone phreaking histories like this. Anyone know of any similar bits of audio or shows that I could listen to?


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