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Radio Listen Lines

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The Disney one in particular is kinda amusing, I guess not even the company that distributes it cares about Radio Disney. There's a few for Premiere Radio Networks as well, they look to be for national talk shows; 818-205-1662/1642/1622


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You can also listen to Radio France International on the phone:

They used to have phone numbers in several major cities but now there's just one (832 225 5397). If anyone is interested, here are what the old numbers were:


In the United States, with Audionow (cost of a local call)

- In New York, on (212) 401-4554

- In Boston, on (617) 963-1545

- In San Francisco, on (415) 200-0603

- In Miami, on (796) 228-5543

- In Chicago, on (312) 646-7684

- In New Orleans, on (504) 218-0121

- In Lafayette, on (337) 606-4013

- In Dallas, on (281) 661-3512

- In Seattle, on (206) 494-5388

- In Los Angeles, on (310) 734-2092

- In Atlanta, on (404) 260-7375

- In Washington, on (703) 651-1451, from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 9am via New World Radio."


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