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HPR - HPR1094: Linux, Beer, and Who Cares?

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By BuyerBrown, RedDwarf, and FiftyOneFiftyThis is a recording of an impromptubull session that came about one night after BuyerBrown, RedDwarf,and I had been waiting around on Mumble for another host to join in. After giving up on recording our scheduled podcast, we stayed up forabout an hour talking and drinking when Buyer suddenly asked Red andI to find current events articles concerning Linux. When that taskwas completed, Buyer announced he was launching a live audiocast with us as his guests. You are about to hear the result. Topics range from the prospects of Linux taking over the smallbusiness server market, now that Microsoft has retreated from thefield, Android tablets and the future of the desktop in general, andthe (at the time) revelation that Steam would be coming to Linux (onthe last point, let me be the first to say that I am glad some of theconcerns in my rant appear to be unfounded, apparently after a lot ofwork, Left for Dead 2 runs faster under Linux than it does underWindows with equivalent hardware. This podcast was recorded on awhim but I can't promise it won't happen again.

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