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Found Strange Document

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Hi Everyone.

This piece of paper was found in a friend mines new apartment. It was left there by the previous tennet who lived there.

Some of these fields are self explanatory. AssetID is most likely a way to identify the device within the organization. Call Sign is fairly obvious. It most likely has something to do with radio?

ORI - not too sure what this is.

The last four digits of the phone numbers have been removed for privacy of whomever this document belongs to. The same goes for the ESN.

Sorry for the poor formatting.

(3607) - BC10095 RFServer

assetID# CallSgn ORI Phone Number Ip Address ESN Sub Lock Code Master Lock Code

QC7100 34A1 BC90786 250637xxxx 0990106xxxx 633155 319149

QC7101 34A3 BC92789 250637xxxx 0990106xxxx 764725 450719

QC7102 34A4 BC92790 250631xxxx 0990065xxxx 819133 881466

QC7103 34A5 BC92791 250637xxxx 0990106xxxx 119921 807908

QC7104 34A6 BC92792 250637xxxx 0990106xxxx 999008 685094

QC7200 34A2 BC92940 250637xxxx 0990106xxxx 709797 495783

QCP127 BC90689 250888xxxx 0990105xxxx 387634 469967

So im really just trying to figure out what the hell this document is. If i had to guess id say it a table of all cellular modems or something similar.

Can anyone give me any insight?

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It looks like it data off an Mobile device like an mifi device. Their is different types of mifi wireless mifis, pci mifis etc.


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