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HPR - HPR1084: Paul Levy on Learning to Dance with Spiders

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Hello world. And welcome to the Full Circle Podcast on Hacker Public Radio. This episode consists of an interview with entrepreneur, thinker and author Paul Levy.The founder of Cats3000 and Rational Madness and author of the play Texts, Paul is also convener of the Critical Incident unconference, which together lead to Learning to Dance with Spiders, a workshop in which Paul shares some experiments from his book about living consciously with your mobile phone and staying intact in the world of social media. Truly ground-breaking, uncomfortable, and usable.”Also discussed: Jaron Lanier: You are not a Gadget Sherri Turkel: Alone TogetherPaul Levy’s site combines Cats3000 and Rational Madness at, where you will also find the e-book The Collusion of Mediocrity.The Critical Incident un-Conference for 2012 has been annouced on the theme of the I. Take a look over the conference plan for this year over at the Critical Incident website, Full Circle Podcast is the companion to Full Circle Magazine, the Independent Magazine for the Ubuntu Community. Find us at; you can post comments and feedback on the podcast page at, send us a comment to podcast (at) fullcirclemagazine.orgYour Hosts:Robin Catling (blog at, @robincatling on Twitter)Additional audio by Victoria PritchardRuntime: 27mins 33seconds

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