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HPR - HPR1066: HPR Community News August 2012

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A monthly look at what has been going on in the HPR community. This is a regular show scheduled for the first Monday of the month.FeaturingBecky NewboroughMike HingleyKen FallonDave MorrissPhilip NewboroughNew hostsWelcome to our new host: ccmusique, doubi, and cleavey.Show Reviewidtitlehost 1046HPR Community News July 2012HPR Admins 1047Soldering Part 2: An audio demonstration of solderingMrX 1048Get off this Rock !!!MrGadgets 1049OGG Camp 11: Laura Czajowksi, Life Outside of IRC in a FLOSS CommunityRobin Catling 1050TGTM Newscast for 2012/8/8 DeepGeekdeepgeek 1051Intro to the musicccmusique 1052LiTS: 013 - Top of TopDann 1053Zoke with a questionXoke 1054Becky Hogge: Barefoot into CyberspaceRobin Catling 1055TGTM Newscast for 2012/8/15deepgeek 1056OggCamp 12 Day 1 Part 1Ken Fallon 1057OggCamp 2012: Simon Phipps: mini-intro to the CDBdoubi 1058OggCamp12 Hardware HackersKen Fallon 1059OggCamp12 Day2 The morning after the night beforeKen Fallon 1060OggCamp12 FarewellKen Fallon 1061TGTM Newscast for 2012/08/22deepgeek 1062LiTS 014: The Bottom of Top, top pt 2Dann 1063Freedom and LicensingAhuka 1064OGG Camp 11 Panel DiscussionRobin Catling 1065Wireless tipcleavey Thanks toDavid Whitman for the fantastic banner.Everyone involved in OggCamp12Everyone who helped out with the podcast list - especially Dave MorrissDeepGeek for allowing his show to be bumped.Apologies toAgain Deep Geek for messing up the show notes on TGTM news #72 Other NotesThe queue may not be up to dateKen will be taking it easy for the coming monthsDave Yates is OK.HPR New year show

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