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HPR - HPR1060: OggCamp12 Farewell

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I was leaving my hotel room after the end of OggCamp, thinking to myself I had enough interviews recorded and something made me go back and get my recorders. I'm glad I did as I bagged some fantastic interviews. The first one was with Rebecca Newborough web mistress of the Lincoln LUG on how to start a lug. The first step is to visit the UK Linux User Groups site at all went to the Leaf venue for food and conversation, while there I interviewed a few gentlemen starting with Kris Findlay about changes at his LUG and his work at Krisilis IT Solutions www.krisilis.comThen we had a chat with Ian Closs over from Ireland. We discussed the local FLOSS scene, Mark Shuttleworth and Archeology.To round it all off a long round up with Fabian A. Scherschel who true to his word gave me an interview for HPR. Of course he is still on record to submit a show to HPR himself.You might think that's the end of OggCamp but I still have shows from last year to post :)

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