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Quad Port Gigabit PCI Card Roundup

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I was recently tasked with putting together a new pfSense box for my employer, since we moved to a bigger office and decided our old VIA C3 based router was getting pretty tired. We went with an Intel D525MW motherboard in a shallow 1U rack case (needed the short case as we've got a 2-post comms rack), so I had to find a PCI 2.2 compatible quad port gigabit Ethernet NIC to go in the box. Writeup at the following link:

Turns out the best card for pfSense 2.0.1 with the length restriction and PCI 2.2 electrical restriction is the Sun GigaSwift Quad (501-6738-10) card. The Intel PRO/1000 MT really pissed me off -- it's listed IN INTEL'S DOCUMENTATION as 3.3V/5V compatible, but the 5V notch isn't cut in the PCI edge connector.

The Sun card is cheaper anyway...someone has a pile listed on eBay for $20 BIN. If you can use the full-length version, it's even cheaper than that.


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