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HPR - HPR1042: LiTS: 012 - tail

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The tail command is used to print out the last 10 lines of a file to standard out. This command is a staple in a system administrator’s tool kit and especially handy when monitoring log files. The basic syntax is:tail some_fileWhich will output the last 10 lines of the file. You can alter then number of lines with the -n, or –lines=, flag:tail -n20 some_filetail –lines=20 some_fileIn some versions of tail you can get away with specifying the number of lines from the end with just a “-” and number:tail -30 some_fileInstead of working backwards with the -n command you can specify a “+” and some number to start from that number and list the contents to the end:tail -n+30 some_fileThis will display the contents of some_file from line 30 to the end of the file.For the complete write up including video please go to

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