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A New Name with New Features to Reset Windows Admin Password

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Hi, everyone. This post is devoted to Windows Password Reset Deluxe. Judging from the name, it is perhaps an application to recover Windows password. Indeed, it is and it can help you reset Windows admin password and passwords for other Windows OS such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 etc.

If you have been locked out from your PC for Windows administrator password forgotten or lost, then this application—Windows Password Reset Deluxe which is the latest version of Windows Password Reset can do you a big favor.

This newly version brings you a couple of great new features and several important improvements over its previous versions: Windows Password Reset Std, Pro. Now please keep on reading and let’s find what these new features are.

New Features of Windows Password Reset Deluxe

Firstly Windows Password Reset Deluxe is not only able to reset Windows administrator password, but also able to change it directly. Furthermore, a new administrator account with password protected can be even created when the computer is already locked with this new version.

More intuitive and user-friendly interface providing easier Windows password recovery process is another great feature of this new version. Users only need do several mouse of clicks and then the locked computer can be accessed within minutes. For the step-by-step tutorial on the operation of Windows Password Reset Deluxe

Availability and Customer-oriented Service Provided

Everyone has a chance to free download trial version of Windows Password Reset Deluxe at this site: . But for full function of this new application, one should purchase its full version. Once you get the full version of this new version, you then can reset Windows password whenever you like. And if you have any problem during the operation, you can get a timely technical support from our Customer Service.


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