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HPR - HPR1030: Ruben Rodriquez talks about Trisquel Linux

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As DeepGeek is on sabbatical for this month, we're taking the time to use up some of the shows from the Syndicated Thursday queue.Syndicated Thursdays is a chance to showcase other Creative Commons works. We try to expose podcasts, speeches, presentations, music, etc that you may not have heard. If you have suggestions for items then send your recommendation to admin at hpr and we'll add it to the queue.Today it's a talk with Ruben Rodriquez Recorded at the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest 2012-03-17.From What is Trisquel?Trisquel GNU/Linux is a 100% free operating system. It comes with a complete selection of programs that can be easily extended using a graphical installer. There are several editions available, including the "mini" edition for netbooks and old computers and the network based installer for custom and server installations.

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