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HPR - HPR1023: About Rivendell with Rivendell

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AukonDKAbout Rivendell with RivendellIn this episode I talk about the Rivendell Radio Automation software whilst using the same software to play music and sound.This show was recorded "as live" and unscripted. I need a bit more practise as I'd like to use a similar setup to do my own podcast show. Did a bit of normalising and amplifing as the levels weren't that great (another thing to practise)Links and CC attribution follow.[00:00]SFXCinematicBoomNorm.wav by Herbert BolandCC-BY[00:36]PromoRivendell Audio Spot -- "$15,000"[00:47]Bed MusicEmptiness by Alexander BluCC-BY-SA[01:00]LinkRivendell Radio Automation[03:29]MusicThere's Something Wrong by Brad SucksCC-BY-SA[07:30]LinkInstalling Rivendell - From the Rivendell Wiki, lists some live cds[10:20]LinkMy Blog post on installing Rivendell in Ubuntu 12.04[15:10]Linkalsa_in and alsa_out - Very useful if you have a USB headset[17:22]MusicDelirante planete by Löhstana DavidCC-BY[22:06]PromoRivendell Audio Spot -- "Rock Steady"[21:14]Bed MusicMay by Alexander BluCC-BY-SA[21:42]LinkScreenshot of RDAirplay from Rivendell site of screenshots here[25:23]grenade.wav by ljudmanCC-Sampling+[25:53]Storm by RHumphriesCC-BY[27:27]PromoRivendell Audio Spot -- "Never Pay"[34:28]Fly Away by Tanya T6CC-BY-SA[42:34]NoteOdd thing happened, I thought the bed music had bypassed the recording when in fact it had just bypassed the mixer so it played full volume. Again, more practice needed.Stuff I forgot to mention:Talking about multiple tracks in Carts, you can set each track to only play under certain conditions, such as time or day of the week.RDPanel is an appilcation which is a large version of the sound panel in RDAirplay, great to have on a second monitor.Logs are playlists which can be saved and loaded an can be generated just by playing music in Airplay or building them manually in RDLogedit or automatically with RDLogManager.Rivendell can manage more than one radio station if needed and share the same DB.http://aukondk.com

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