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HPR - HPR0972: LITS: Episode 005 - wc

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Fear not Dann has not decided to branch and do a plumming show. Rather he sticks with the plaan and brings us yet another excellent explanation of a common unix utility, namely wc want to know how many lines are in a file? How about how many words are in a file or even how many characters? Well then the “wc” command is just for you.  The “wc” command, short for word count, is a very simple command that will print “new line, word and byte counts for file specified, and a total count for all files combined if more than one file is included.”Consider the following little ditty:the linux wc commandfor those not in then knowstands for word count anddoes a lot you should knowIt counts lines and words and bytesproducing output on sitequickly giving you the numberswithout any blundersExecuting the following command:wc poem.txtResults in the following output:9 40 215 poem.txtTo break it down:9 lines40 words215 characters

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