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HPR - HPR0969: The Crivins Audiocast

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Syndicated ThursdaysA chance to showcase other Creative Commons works. We try to expose podcasts, speeches, presentations, music, etc that you may not have heard. If you have suggestions for items then send your recommendation to admin at hpr and we'll add it to the queue.Today it's the The Crivins Audiocast at and from their website it is A Linux / FOSS show with a strong Scottish flavour hosted by ThistleWeb & Kevie. This show carries a strong language warning.Wur back wi a mair regular style o' episode fur episode 10, an wi start aff wi a lil gem o' a thing; a Javascript version o Tron in a ridiculously wee number o' lines o' code. Nixt up, wi say strewth tae the Aussie boabies wha are noo roamin' the streets fur open wifi networks tae scare folks intae closin' em.Ye cannae say wur no dain' oor public doody, wi pit oot a call fur the poor truck driver wha loast his joab due tae them theivin' scunners, the interwebs pirates. Then wi note that it's the same ol' same 'ol at Microsoft, wi the EU staff bein' urged tae refuse bribes in the form o' free Windaes an' Office licences. Finally, wi note that despite Mozilla flyin' the flag fur user privacy, why would any companies respect the "dinnae track" option?In oor discussion this week, wi focussed oan the plight o' Game; the video game specialist chain in the UK wha went intae administration this week, whar they went wrang, an if it's inevitable and just a sign o' the times.English TranslationWe're back with a more regular type of episode for episode 10, and we start off with a gem of a thing; a Javascript version of Tron in a ridiculously small number of lines of code. Next up, we say strewth to the Aussie bobbies who are now roaming the streets for open wifi networks to scare folks into closing them.You can't say we're not doing our public doody, we put the call out for the poor truck driver who lost his job due to them thieving bastards, the interwebs pirates. Then we note that it's the same old same old at Microsoft, with the EU staff being urged to refuse bribes in the form of Windows and Office licenses. Finally we note that despite Mozilla flying the flag for user privacy, why would any companies respect the "do not track" option?In our discussion this week, we focussed on the plight of Game; the video game specialist chain in the UK who went into administration this week, where they went wrong, and if it's inevitable and just a sign of the times.LinksJavascript Game of Tron In 226 BytesAustralian Police To Go Wardriving, Telling People To Lock Up Their WiFi Wanted: The Truck Driver Who Lost His Job Due To File SharingEU parliment staff urged to reject Microsoft bribeMozilla allows user to set 'Do not track' easily, but will companies listen to this optional requestHow Game Group Blew It: Digital Strategy Was Not Adopted SoonerTunesAmity in Fame - New Born SonDaedalus' Right Eye - Dream CatcherLinks

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