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HPR - HPR0962: LITS: Episode 004 - paste

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In the fourth in his series Dann, shows us the benifits of the paste command:The paste command merges the lines of two or more files or a file and standard in if a second file is not specified or a "-" is used in place of the second file.  Consider the following two files.  The first file, test1.txt contains the following lines:aonethreecatgoodThe second file, test2.txt contains the following lines:tunablue finchdogsfisheatsThe paste command can be used to paste these two files like so:paste test1.txt test2.txtproducing the following output:a         tunaone     blue finchthree   dogscat      fishgood   eatsEach line in test1.txt has been “pasted” to the corresponding line in test2.txt. for the complete shownotes, including video.

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