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HPR - HPR0958: KDE Gathering-Plasma Active-THE Tablet

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KDE will get hosting a regional meeting of KDE for the Northwestern United States April 28 and 29, 2012 at LinuxFest Northwest http://linuxfestnorthwest.orgAkademy 201230th June - 6th July 2012, Tallinn, Estonia is 15 years oldKool Desktop EnvironmentKDE desktop is called the Plasma WorkspacePlasma Workspaces is the umbrella term for all graphical environments provided by KDE. (from Wikipedia)Owncloud - Painting and Image Editing OS is open unlike other tablet operating systems.plasma-active.org TabletAnyone can attend this KDE gathering which is co-located with LinuxFest NorthwestPlasma Active is not locked down and has office applicationsCalligra Processor,spreadsheet presentation software, drawing optimized for touchCalendaring, PIM aspect to KDE has been refocused to touch and is avaiable right nowSome KDE programs are still being optimized for the touch environmentQt-questions about it's openness has been resolvedMight be some Raspberry PI's at the gathering and they will be raffled after the KDE coders get done with them at the LinuxFest Northwest world famous raffle.You can make your own tablet and use the OS for your project.OS uses Qt and C++QT Quick A continuation of Megoo - Mer be used on some smart phonesbasyskom.comCheck out KDE and Plasma ActiveThese notes based on the interview by David Whitman with Carl Symons and John Blanford for Hacker Public Radio.

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