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HPR - HPR0940: TGTM Tech News for 2012-03-07

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Shownotes are available at Show Notes for TGTM news 62DeepGeek TGTM Newscast for 2012/3/7/Here is a news review: Iran, Israel and the U.S.: the slide to war The Reality of the Single-Party System in Cuba A&P Bankruptcy Saga Nears End, but Pain Just Beginning for Thousands of Workers Hackers and Cybercriminals Enjoying Field Day in 2012 The Immunity Syndrome Communicating Data Beyond the Speed of Light Appeals Court Upholds Constitutional Right Against Forced Decryption Mexico Adopts Alarming Surveillance Legislation Pirate Bay ISP Block Challenged For Censoring Lawful Content Kim Dotcom: US Govt Is Protecting An Outdated Monopolistic Business Model Other Headlines: Does WikiLeaks still matter? How Financial Crisis, Economic Inequality, Social Media, and More Brought Revolutions in 2011 Social Change in Venezuela Debate over non-GPL version of BusyBox supposedly settled Gigabit Internet for $70: the unlikely success of California's News from "," "," the audio "Moment of Clarity #121-Privacy," "," "," and "" used under arranged permission.News from "" and "" used under permission of the Creative Commons by-attribution license. News from "" used under permission of the Creative Commons by-attribution non-commercial no-derivatives license. Audio interludes "NSA" and "Vote" courtesy youtube user "anonyops". News Sources retain their respective copyrights.Links

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