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HPR - HPR0936: Monthly Review show 2012 Feb

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NEW HOSTSBob WoodenrootoutcastNEW SERIESLinux in the Shell by Dann WashkoOTHER ITEMSStickersEp1kNew Logos REVIEWep0917 :: Uber Leet Hacker Force Radio 6 Hosted by sigflup ep0918 :: How I Started with Linux Part 2 Hosted by Frank Bellep0919 :: Elfstedentocht - To be or not to be Hosted by Ken Fallonep0920 :: TGTM Newscast for 2012/02/08 Hosted by deepgeek ep0921 :: Tag Team Chase Douglas Interview with Alison Chaiken Hosted by marcozep0922 :: Updating a Garmin GPS for free Hosted by riddlebox ep0923 :: 12 Gazillion Buttons Hosted by Jezra and NYbillep0924 :: Episode 000 redirection Hosted by Dann ep0925 :: TGTM Tech News for 2012-02-15 Hosted by deepgeekep0926 :: Heresies in the year of the apocalypse ep 1 - computer languages Hosted by MrGadgetsep0927 :: Setting up a WordPress blog: part 1 Hosted by Frank Bellep0928 :: My Linux Adventure, Pt. 1 Hosted by Bob Woodenep0929 :: The Knightcast KC0060 : "Storytime" Hosted by Knightwiseep0930 :: TGTM Tech News for 2012-02-20 Hosted by deepgeekep0931 :: The ratpoison window manager Hosted by rootoutcastep0932 :: Programming languages 1 – Introduction Hosted by garjolaep0933 :: Freedom is not Free 1 Introduction Hosted by Ahuka ep0934 :: LITS: Entry 001 – qrencode Hosted by Dann ep0935 :: Indiana LinuxFest Hosted by Ken Fallon EVENTSWe need an event managerPlease add your event to What Where Who2012-01-20..22 Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)2012-02-04..05 Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM) 5, 2012 sipX-CoLab Fort Collins, CO8:00 AMto5:00 PM2012-03-17 The Northeast GNU/Linux fest Pokey/Klaatu2012-04-28..29 LinuxFest Northwest David Whitman ( Ohio LinuxFest 2012 (Call for talks)

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