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HPR - HPR0931: The ratpoison window manager

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LinksThe tutorial talked about in the episode Dion MoultRatpoison: an efficient and minimalist WM. ratpoisonrc fileescape F13 exec ./.fehbg &exec /usr/bin/conky &bind Next exec amixer -q set Master 10- unmutebind Prior exec amixer -q set Master 10+ unmuteunbind kunbind c bind j focusdownbind h focusleftbind k focusupbind l focusrightbind J exchangedownbind H exchangeleftbind K exchangeupbind L exchangerightbind C-k deleteexec /usr/bin/rpws init 4 -kset winname classset border 0set padding 0 15 0 0 set barpadding 0 0 warp onstartup_message off bind space exec atermbind a exec aterm -e alsamixerbind f exec firefoxbind o exec libreofficebind t exec import MyScreenshot.pngbind c exec codeblocksbind v exec aterm -pixmap false -e vim bind g exec ~/.my-scripts/scripts/ a calender# make sure to have ccal installed on your box so you can use this calenderbind d exec ratpoison -d :0.0 -c "echo `date +'%r - %A %n %D - %B'` `cal | tail +2 | sed -e 's/^Su/nn Su/' -e 's/.*/ & /' -e "s/ $(date +%e) //"`"~

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