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HPR - HPR0928: My Linux Adventure, Pt. 1

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Release year - 2012Contact Info: bob.wooden@comcast.netLinks mentioned: Redhathttp://www.redhat.comhttp://fedoraproject.orgSuSEhttp://www.suse.comhttp://www.opensuse.orgMicro Center - (my opinion - great retail environment for computer parts) properitory software device that does not allow printing or saving information without "key" was called "Design Key" or "Software Dongle" by myself. This is the brand "we used" (were provided) by design software (CAD type) kitchen and bathroom design program. (This is the "dongle" device. I do not care if I mention the properatory software name. It's not very good and it's . . . well, properatory.) Terminal Server Project (LTSP) File System (NFS) Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

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