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The brand new Winter issue of 2600 is now officially out in all sorts of different places and versions. Hopefully you won't have much trouble finding us in bookstores. You may have more of a challenge finding bookstores in the first place. While we're still getting over the loss of Borders, you should be able to easily find us in every Barnes and Noble and other chains, along with a whole bunch of independent bookstores and newsstands. If you're a subscriber, an issue may have already arrived at your home, office, or school. If you're more of the electronic bent, you will have already received the Winter issue if you have a Kindle subscription. You can also get a Kindle subscription in the U.K. Issues are also available individually in the subscription section. For those of you using Mac and PC devices, individual issues are available in that format as well. You can also get this version in U.K., France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. We also have a version for the Nook. And we intend to keep adding more, as long as there is a demand.


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