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I hope this is in the right section.


I followed a guide on to install Mac OSX to my HP Pavilion DV6-6150us Laptop but ran into some boot problems. Using their pre-installation boot CD called iBoot I'm able to boot into OSX, but when I try to install OSX's bootloaders they don't seem to stick. They simply don't work.

Looking into the contents of iBoot, there's a file called Preboot.dmg which seems to have everything needed to boot into the system correctly.

I'm going to attempt to package that into an INITRD.img and use GRUB2 to just boot the system that way.

Is there any reason this won't work?

I'm trying to come up with a new solution to this issue that myself and many others are having. I asked about a month ago on their local forums over there but they aren't really thinking outsidearen't really thinking outside the box on this one. Not like ya'll do. Ive browsed these forums since 2006 and I know of the talent that resides here and wanted to ask ya'll for advice on this.

So my questions are:

Is there any reason this won't work?

Can you see any holes in my theory?

What more information do you need me to provide for you to better help me out?

Is there a right way to package Preboot.dmg into INITRD.img? Or should I just package the contents of Preboot.dmg?


-Careful Dave


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Ok, so I placed Preboot.dmg from inside iBoot.iso into a folder called grub on the root of my OSX partition and attempted to boot it using GRUB2.

Here's the code I used:

menuentry "Mac OS X INITRD TEST" --class osx --class darwin --class os {
insmod part_gpt
insmod hfsplus
set root='(/dev/sda,gpt2)'
initrd /grub/Preboot.dmg

And when I select that option in grub here's what I get:

error: no such disk.
error: you need to load the kernel first.

Press any key to continue...

I'm confident that I'm pointing grub to the right partition, that's easy to sort out.

However, I don't have grub calling the kernel. I guess.

Any modifications ya'll would suggest?

I don't know how to get grub to load the kernel. There's a file called mach_kernel and I'd assume that's what's needed, but even if I add the line xnu_kernel /mach_kernel above the part where it loads preboot.dmg I still get the same errors.

I'm going to keep trying different things. More updates soon to come. Please help me out if you can.


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