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Awesome Tutorials - Must See

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Visit For more tuts - Security Explored

sqlmap-automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool - Download and Video Tutorial

Sql Injection Basics

Using Volatility: Suspicious Process

How To Use Thc-Hydra

DNS Goblin Search Utility

Xplico version 0.7.0. - Download and Video Tutorial

TOR Virtual Network Tunneling Tool

ARCS Solutions SQL Injection

PBCSTechnology SQL Injection

The Trash Attack

Derbycon 2011 videos

Start in the world of reverse engineering

DEFCON 19: Tracking the Trackers: How Our Browsing History Is Leaking into the Cloud

DEFCON 19: Three Generations of DoS Attacks (with Audience Participation, as Victims)

DEFCON 19: Steganography and Cryptography 101

DEFCON 19: Economics of Password Cracking in the GPU Era

DEFCON 19: Hacking and Forensicating an Oracle Database Server


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