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google voice whitelist

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considering changing my number - too many people call me, i never answer their calls, i never check the voice mail...

changing the number would help eliminate all of the unwanted calls... BUT what about all of the calls from people that I want to get...

I was thinking whitelist with google voice.... i did not see any settings that allowed this - so i think this will require at least 3 numbers (2 of them being google voice numbers)

#1 google voice number that people already have (or my current cell phone # being forwarded to this GV number)

This GV number will be set with callers in a group of white listed people to ring thru to what ever number I choose.. callers not on the white list would be forwarded to phone #2

since GV can not forward to another GV number phone #2 would have to be a non-google number, its only purpose would be to take calls from GV#1 and either forward them to a real NIS # or if not allowed to then it should forward to GV#3 - the caller ID on GV#1 would have to show the number for GV#1 and GV#3 should treat all calls from GV#1 as spam and send them to the NIS recording...

if you can think of a simpler method to whitelist callers who already have my main google voice number, or cell phone number than to loop it around 2 or 3 times let me know...

I was considering setting GV#1 voice mail (for non-whitelisted callers) to something like ERROR#1, the voice mail on the #2 phone would be something like ERROR#2 (just so if something broke, I would know where to look)

I would then need to determine how to tell what whitelisted number was calling me on my old number(s) because they would all show as the GV#1 number - do not think turning call screening on would work, because callers not on the white list would be asked for their name, and would not reach the NIS recording... (unless I was able to turn call screening on ONLY for numbers in my call logs)


EDIT 11-10-11

so far nothing is working...

google voice -> cell phone -> NIS recording = call going to google voice voice mail (probably has to do with the call not supervising) dialing the cell # will go to the NIS number

google voice #1 (GV number as CID) -> cell phone -> google voice #2 that blocks the CID of GV#1 = voice mail for GV#1

google voice #1 -> phonebooth (set to ring GV#2 when called, showing phonebooth CID) -> gv#2 - voice mail for GV#1

so far all the ideas that I have had result in the call being dumped back into the voicemail for the first google voice #

any suggestions or ideas welcome - so far all I can come up with is have the OGM play the NIS recording - but that still gives the tone after the OGM and ability for caller to leave voicemail, instead of either repeating the NIS message, or disconnecting the caller.

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