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Announcing: DocDroppers Re-Launch

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When you start a project, there are a lot of demands. You might have a lot of help, too. As time goes on, however, help fades away. Sometimes your personal life has to take priority over your hobbies. Sometimes, you just get tired of your hobbies. The demands don't go away though, so you're left with a project that is too big for the time that people had to pour into it. That, my friends, was the tale of DocDroppers. The idea of DocDroppers is simple- a library for hacking-related articles. With having an open registration system, you would think the content would pour in, and it did. At the same time, the spam poured in. This was annoying, but then it because so much to manage that everyone dropped the ball on the site, and you can't blame anyone for it. So, because of this, the site has been scrapped, and a completely new wiki and site has replaced it. Most of the non-spam articles have been migrated, but not all (manually going through over 7,000 pages of spam is no easy task). Go ahead and visit yourself and check it all out!

During this process of migrating the remaining articles, the entire old site is now hosted at If you wish to find articles that haven't been migrated, just create an account on the new wiki, and copy and paste the source from the old wiki article.

Feel free to leave your complaints, questions and suggestions as a reply here.


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