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HPR - HPR0804: Wayne Myers from Fit and the Conniptions at OggCamp

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@conniptions !hpr. In todays show Ken interviews Wayne Myers from the band Fit and the Conniptions recorded at Following the interview we play the presentation and edit in the full length song "Solemn Ground"From HPR @ OggCamp11AboutI'm Wayne Myers, a singer-songwriter from London. I've been recording and performing bluesy folk-rock under the name Fit and the Conniptions since December 2005.Sweet Sister Starlight, my second studio album, was released online on 21st March 2011, and is now also available on CD while stocks last. The first album, Bless Your Heart, was released in July 2007, followed in November 2008 by an acoustic live EP Live At Monkey Chews.All releases are available to download from Bandcamp - you can pay as much or as little as you want / can afford, including zero. If you like CDs, there are still some copies of the first two releases left at CDBaby also. is an augmented podcast, for the blind, visually impaired, or for those of us away from a screen.If you would like to help out creating the text of the OggCamp presentations for me to read out, then please email admin at hacker public radio dot org.

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