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HPR - Ep0781: HPR news for July 2011

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New hostsThere were no new hosts this month. We're always looking for new hosts so please contribute a show.Show Review idhosttitle 761 HPR Admins HPR Community News for June 2011 762 lostnbronx THEATER OF THE IMAGINATION: 04 763 MrGadgets Worst movie ever 764 Robin Catling Matt Grove of Miserware - Energy-saving computing 765 klaatu South East Linux Fest organizers 766 MrGadgets MrGadgets finds Linux 767 klaatu Maddog and "super dumb terminals" 768 Ken Fallon Sort 769 HPR Admins Linux Outlaws 215 - Bitcoin Discussion 770 JWP byobu 771 Thistleweb Mischief Managed 772 NewAgeTechnoHippie Circuit Bending 773 Ken Fallon Gabriel Weinberg of DuckDuckGo 774 Robin Catling Full Cirle Podcast Part Two Recording Editing the Podcast 775 HPR_AudioBookClub HPR AudioBookClub Shadowmagic 776 MrGadgets Open Shorts ep 3 777 Josh Knapp, Voeltz, StankDawg What is Cloud? 778 lostnbronx George Washington Carver 779 Lord Drachenblut 10 Buck Review: War Games 780 klaatu NovaCut Thanks To Scott Dicks for pointing out a bad link in episode 759Everyone that replied to the call for change of licenseApologies To those that have bad memoriesMonth in Review HPR ranked #8 Geek Podcast by Linux FormatJason Scott has a new way to upload to Archive.orgNew OutroShort of showsSummer ShortsRequest for an episode on Internet Shooping billWhat would you like to hear in a hpr presentation RFC Changing show to CC-BY-SASome old shows may contain music that we cannot re-license 49 hosts agree to the change, representing 376 shows76 hosts disagree or have not replied, representing 400 showsEvents`OggCamp 11 is a free two-day unconference (unscheduled conference) for anyone who loves anything related to technology, data, culture, community, open source...and more!AUGUST 13 & 14, FARNHAM MALTINGSWhen is PhreakNIC?November 4-6, 2011Where is PhreakNIC?Days Inn Stadium211 North First StreetNashville, TN 37213What is PhreakNIC?PhreakNIC is Nashville's annual hacker con. Anyone is welcome to attend. We create an environment where people who are interested in the more underground elements of technology can meet, exchange ideas and hopefully teach/learn. The primary focus is on computers and computer security, but we also cover other topics, such as radio (ham, pirate & low-power/community), SETI work, robotics, high-power rocketry, satellites, phones and phreaking, cryptography, etc. PhreakNIC is organized annually by Nashville 2600 a non-profit organization.Pre-Registration is available again through click and pledge at If you pre-register this year please use the "Customize your con badge" link in the menu to submit your visage/logo for your badge. This will be our fifteenth year and we hope you will make plans to join us.Who is PhreakNICPhreakNIC is attended by anyone with a curious mind. That being said we are now accepting papers for this year. If you would like to give a talk submit your name and a brief synopsis of what you'd like to talk about to president -at-

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