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HPR - Ep0761: HPR Community News for June 2011

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New hostsWelcome to our new hosts: Dave, NewAgeTechnoHippie, andEpicanis.Show Review 741 HPR Admins HPR Community News for May 2011 742 Dave How I Got Into Linux 743 KFive ILF 2011: Interview with Jason Kridner of BeagleBoard 744 Skirlet The Language Frontier Episode 5 745 MrGadgets Wings 746 Ken Fallon Interview with Tony Whitmore about OggCamp11 747 finux and code.cruncher Botnets and DNS Tunnelling 748 Dismal Science My Favorite Audiocasts 749 Robin Catling Full Cirle Podcast Editing the Podcast Part One Preparation 750 NewAgeTechnoHippie My path to Linux 751 Lord Drachenblut and Downer Binary Evolutions 752 MrGadgets My Path to Linux: Knoppix 753 KFive ILF 2011: Interview with Klaatu of Slackermedia 754 Skirlet The Language Frontier Episode 6 755 Bariman LINUX JAZZ  BALLIN' THE JACK 756 Joel Basics of RF 757 Epicanis Episode 0: "Acknowledgement Courtesan" 758 Ken Fallon Interview with Jon "The Nice Guy" Spriggs 759 HPR Admins LPI study group 760 klaatu /dev/Rob0 of maintainer of the mailing list Thanks To Fifty OneFifty for the picture of the combineLostnbronx, MrGadgets for allowing reschedulingJonathan Nadeau for looking at the siteApologies To Ice Gnu # at the end of recordingMonth in Review Business Cards for SELF and OggCamp11Shownotes in HTMLA hair brained idea from 5150CC *cast and video torrent trackerSelecting a CMShopr mirror pegwolCallisto.fmA user suggested that you add "Hacker Public Radio" to!. Unfortunately the terms of service are not compatibel with a Creative Commons lisence.CMS BACKENDAll three are on par from an accessability point of view.Each would require additional coding to support the features of HPR For now we'll stick with the droops cmsRFC Changing show to CC-BY-SA17 hosts have replied and 100% of those that replied gave permission for the change to CC-BY-SA107 hosts have yet to reply. This means that a little over 1/3rd of the shows have been re-licensed. I intend to email them directly as they may not be on the mail list.Hi All,This is an official request for a change of license that *NEW* showsare uploaded as.The proposal is to change from: RFC will be open for a month and the results will be announcedhere and on July's HPR Community News. If approved all shows afterthat time will be by default CC-BY-SA unless indicated in the shownotes. Further, I would then contact everyone that has hosted so farasking if we can relisence their show(s) as CC-BY-SA.This is entirely up to the community so please use the mail list youvoice your opinion. Even a one liner is fine.Ken.

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