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Telit GT863-PY GPRS Command Mode Receive Problem

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I am connecting to a TCP server using GPRS. I send data to and receive data from that server. The connection is in command mode, not online. I use AT commands #ssend to send and #srecv to receive data. To get that incoming data i use MDM.receive(timeout) function and if the received message contains 'SRING' that means data came from server. The truoble is that; when i send data to server first time i receive the reply successfully but for the second time i can not get the reply to the data i sent. Normally server replies in max. 10 seconds but although i tried large numbers like 120 s for timeout i get the reply so far time from the moment that i am supposed to. In fact server sends reply to the data i sent firstly in a normal time period, less than 10 s. There is a trouble with the second time of receieving reply. What may the reason for that be?


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