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New download: Other/Asssorted - GAMERadio - 12

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File Name: GAMERadio - 12

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 21 Jun 2011

File Category: Other/Asssorted

C4 and StankDawg! E3, bah! Who needs it, this is the oldskool gaming special. Bobnino's GAMER Archive FTP is up. Text based games from back in the day. Star Wars. BBS door games. Utilizing your imagination. Graphics as a crutch. Abandonware. The Underdogs. GamingDepot. Lemonade. Oil drilling game. ZZT. Why Zelda was godlike. NetHack. Rogue. Falcon's Eye. MUD/MUSH. Combat. Scorched Earth.Scorched Earth 3D. Pong. 3D not always for the best. Mario64. RPG discussion. Crystal Caves. Prince of Persia. Tomb Raider. Halo. Wolfenstein. Doom. Quake. The first Voodoo. Panzer Dragoon. Consoles never die. New graphics != New game. Emulation. Young gamers, learn the roots of our beloved hobby. Intro track is "Final Fantasy 7 - Space Station of the Ancients" by Mazedude. Closing track is "FZero-Blue Vacation" by LousySpy.

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