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Streaming Podcasts

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I am looking for information on streaming live podcast.

Things I know:

- I need lots of bandwidth

- ShoutCast will most likely be what is used

- Because it will be talk only the bit-rate can be low and still maintain high quality

- On average 100-150 Listeners

- domain name will need purchased and in fact already is

What I want:

- Live streaming audio that is on par with radio stations

- Two or more people to be able to host/co-host

- Be able to have listeners call in

What I am thinking:

- Asterisk box set up to record to both hard disk, and start the ShoutCast stream

- Web hosting for streaming media (not sure how much bandwidth will be needed)

- Using Skype to call into the conference # on the asterisk box to keep audio at peek sound levels since cell phones are not that great

I want this to be as professional as possible; Other than brain storming and coming up with the above I really don't have much direction. How are some of the good podcast done now? I like how PaulDotCom sounds, but I have no idea how they do it (I believe they use skype though). Suggestions, feedback, facepalm, or anything would be much appreciated.


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