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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 20

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File Name: Default Radio - 20

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 4/2/2004

Hosts: decoder, ntheory, lucky225, doug

Default daily has not been updated since monday - stuff happens. xine895 has sent in a list of phone numbers as mentioned on previous shows and gets an email address. Nobody has anything to talk about. decoder is having issues with a Windows 2000 and a file. Doug calls Lucky. Lucky225 is now employed in a job which has something to do with "Private Investigations". Due to a confidentiality agreement he can not disclose any details. Lucky calls someone special, it does not work out so will be saved for next weeks episode. Lucky picks someone out of the White Pages, and gets part of their address from Pizza Hut. Lucky's Packet8 gets an echo. Nufone is run by someone out of his house. decoder calls 202-756-9901. decoder calls 570-387-9900, an unsupervising number. decoder and Lucky plan to call Emmanuel Goldstein's "Off the Hook" on Wednesday and "own them". Someone calls 212-867-5309 (to gain access to a number that is not legally theirs) and plays the voicemail. decoder gives out the call-in number 508-295-9926 ex:333. There are 15 people listening to the stream. decoder calls the voicemail. Lucky then decoder call the call-in number. "Everything is always on Default"

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