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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 19

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File Name: Default Radio - 19

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 3/26/2004

Hosts: decoder, ntheory, StankDawg, doug, natas

There is a special guest on the show this week. There are a lot of emails. A listener has a new website Two listener emails ask for Lucky back. Twirlz writes in about a Phone Hog calling card "Strictly for phreaking related calls", Number: 800-382-9980, Pin: 1384455845 (Note: You must op divert to it or risk being owned - 1010280 / 00). A listener writes in with a question on FM transmitters - Radio kits can be bought from, TechTV recently featured a segment titled "Make Your Own FM Radio Transmitter", Ramsy Electronics also has one for $259. codemonkey writes in with an Auto Zone PBX system number (1-800-866-6895) which responds with a dial tone where you can enter eg 700777-0992 however the number does not work. Doug will be moving to an "undisclosed location". The RIAA are going to sue 532 more people. decoder and StankDawg discuss voting. ntheory comes up with the idea of VoSS (Voice over Smoke Signals) to get past CALEA restrictions. Vomit (voice over misconfigured internet telephones) is a program for intercepting VoIP calls. ntheory drops. The conference call in number is 508-295-9926 ex: 485. Someone calls the conference. natas accidentally mutes himself. Lucky joins the call in conference. Tron causes trouble. natas tries, but fails to drop the conference. natas gives out the ANAC number 712-580-9999. decoder fails to get an operator to place a call on a cell phone. There is a reorder in the conference. Someone calls 1-866-489-3932 (Verizon eWeb Voice Portal). ntheory ANI spoofs, and calls the FCC but the audio is too low. Doug tries to call a couple of Disney Land payphones. 800-367-8683 is a voting information line. "Tin can and string phones do not work" -- decoder. Doug finally gets through to a guy at a Disneyland payphone. "Everything is always on Default"

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