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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 17

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File Name: Default Radio - 17

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 3/12/2004

Hosts: decoder, ntheory

[This episode is not live]. [beatles tracks are played for the intro/ending of this episode]. [ntheory sounds like he is on a VoIP phone]. Lucky will no longer be on Default radio due to "creative conflicts". ntheory is the new co-host. "This is the new unimproved version of the show" -- decoder. ntheory has VoTV (voice over TV) - [decoder's colloquism of voice over broadband cable?]. Dual has emailed in with a calling card (800-318-7105 pin 992-008-6800). GIJoe emails saying he noticed that when dialling in pulse another one of his other phones rung. decoders tip: "You do not want people intercepting your DTMF, therefore you should dial in pulse".... "You never know" -- decoder You can pulse dial on Asterisk and it will translate it to DTMF. Send spam to There are plans to introduce a "mobile" top level domain name for cellular phones / mobile devices. ntheory agrees it would be cool if the extension was ".mob". decoder reads an article from the "Mercury News" - apparently San Jose officials are announcing free wireless internet access in three areas to "lure techies downtown" - there is also "There is anecdotal evidence that free WiFi can be a draw for the young and the technically savvy" [for insalubrious purposes?]. decoder calls up the author of the article he just read and leaves a voicemail. Doug questions whether the number called is actualy a mobile or not. There is a USB Version of the Swiss Army Knife coming out. Majestic calls in on the bridge being used to record the show - Majestic has harsh words to say about the recent happenings in terms of the BinRev forums and getting banned. Lucky's voice comes out of nowhere - Lucky has been on the bridge all along (according to Doug because he wanted to record his own show). decoder has been scanning the Far Rockaway switch [Mapquest | TelcoDate].decoder calls 718-337-9901 which announces information on the Far Rockaway switch. decoder calls 718-337-9919 which is a Verizon recording.Doug calls the voicemail. decoder wants email feedback to, or anything good to decoder gives shouts to: ex co-host Lucky225, ex DDP forum member Majestic, ex new host ntheory. "Everything is always on Default"

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