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New download: Default Radio - Default Radio - 16.5

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File Name: Default Radio - 16.5

File Submitter: StankDawg

File Submitted: 14 Jun 2011

File Category: Default Radio

Original Release Date: 3/10/2004

Hosts: decoder, lucky225

This is Lucky's last episode] [Recording played detailing the history of the telephone]. [Recording played of a failed attempt to set up a Sprint voicemail account]. "This is a special episode" -- decoder. All email accounts are now working.It seems that contrary to what was said on episode 11 it is not possible to spoof to a Sprint phone and set up voicemail. This show will broadcast on Lucky225's birthday. On March 10th 1876 the first successful experiment was conducted with the telephone. Lucky has trouble pronouncing the url. decoder asked Tron if he wanted an @default email address - he refused but one was setup anyway. Send hate mail to are giving out free shell accounts (warning: you will get owned by using it). decoder calls 212-221-9920 and gets a recording. decoder calls 909-390-130, its a milliwatt. Numbers in the format [prefix]1[prefix] are usually interesting. decoder calls a Southern California DATU (the number is not given out but its in the 818 area code). Lucky gives out the number 909-390-9900, its engaged. Decoder tries the number - static is heard before the line drops. decoder again has a go at people using Fisher Price phones. Lucky drops, then calls back in. If you call 909-390-9908 you will always get a busy (decoder forwards his calls there). decoder has whole exchanges that ring busy. Most DATU's in New Jersey are on 9935 (others are 9979 9980). decoder calls 909-390-9935, it is just a test tone. decoder calls 914-631-9967, its another (higher pitched) test tone. decoder has a (backdoor to directory assistance) non supervising number - it does not work on a Sprint phone since they block the audio until it does supervise. When calling the above described number the operator believes the number you are calling is the number you are calling from. "AT&T will let you get through and speak through non supervising numbers" -- decoder. Dial [any_area_code]959-1088 for a non supervising number. When you call TelUs (800-646-0000) [number incorrect? recording partially inaudible - reaches a human operator] then ask for directory assistance and let the menu play out you will get an intercept operator - if they do not look on their screen (to see the call has not been charged yet) you can get free directory assistance (they do not fall for it when Lucky tries). If you dial 411 from a payphone (only certain payphones), and flash the hook you will be asked for city/state. This episode was pre recorded. "Everything is always on Default"

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